To mark the centenary of the Balfour Declaration in a manner that honours the deep feelings of all who have been impacted by it, the Balfour Project seeks:

  • to acknowledge where British policy towards Palestine was marked by duplicity, denial and racism.
  • pardon for our nation’s wrongdoing
    - from Palestinians for having ignored their legitimate aspirations and from Jews for our part in the centuries of anti-Semitism.
  • integrity in our nation’s future dealings with Jews, Palestinians, and all peoples.


Message from the late Bishop John Austin Baker,
former Bishop of Salisbury:

“There is no peace without repentance;
There is no repentance without knowledge;
There is no knowledge without education.

The Balfour Project so truly fulfils these principles that it can only do good, where good is desperately needed,and deserves all the help we can give”.

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