In November 1917 the government of Britain issued the Balfour Declaration which promised a homeland for the Jewish people in Palestine whilst also promising to protect the rights of the existing indigenous Arab population.

This was despite the fact that two years earlier Britain had promised the Arabs the same territory in return for their support against the Ottomans

Subsequent British governments upheld the promise to create a Jewish homeland but  reneged on the promise to protect the rights of the Arab inhabitants.

Thus, a homeland for the Jewish people was achieved at the cost of freedom and self-determination for Palestinian Arabs.

Almost a hundred years ago the stage was set for a struggle to control the land that has intensified from that day to this.

With a view to commemorating the centenary of the Balfour Declaration in 2017, the Balfour Project seeks:

• acknowledgement of the dishonesty of Britain’s policy towards Palestine from 1915

• repentance for ignoring Palestinian rights, and for our country’s part in centuries of anti-Semitism

• integrity in our nation’s future dealings with all peoples in the Middle East


Message from the late Bishop John Austin Baker, former Bishop of Salisbury and Chaplain to the Speaker of the House of Commons:

“There is no peace without repentance;
There is no repentance without knowledge;
There is no knowledge without education.

The Balfour Project so truly fulfils these principles that it can only do good, where good is desperately needed,and deserves all the help we can give”.

Our recent conference, Britain in Palestine 1917-1948, Oxford, Oct 30th.

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